Voices of Hickling:  Heath Priory Stores  (The Thatched Shop)

Page updated  13/9/19

Photo by Martin Johns

With thanks to the Hickling Local History Group:

Heath Priory - just off Staithe Road - was owned by the Falgate family who moved there in 1946 and opened tea rooms.  They then built a shop - Heath Priory Stores, otherwise known as the Falgate Shop, up the road a bit (its site is now occupied by the bungalow “Brambles” - picture right).   Heath Priory Stores sold an eclectic mix of things - as well as groceries and frozen foods, they sold fishing tackle and pottery.

In 1967, the Parry family bought Heath Priory and continued to run the shop until competition from a new shop at The Pleasure Boat  Inn forced its closure, losing for the village one of its more picturesque businesses..