Derek Gibbs (1933-2021)  enjoyed sailing between Potter Heigham and Hickling all his life.  

When not working the ships of the world, including a trick on the Ocean Rambler fishing for Herring with another of our “Voices, Doddo Sheppard.   Derek was always most at home on his father’s beautiful sailing boat built in 1896, or on the sailing punt he built himself (with advice from Jimmy Turner).


He has stories to tell about the days before the sailing club was built in 1951, and about how the Broad has changed over the years.  

Derek can recall exactly where he stood in a cornfield during harvest when news came that Britain was at war with Germany – and also how all the lights came on on VE day and the country side lit up to his delight. 

He also recalls watching Messerschmidts flying in over the marshes from the roof of the house, clinging on to the chimney pots and the parachutes descending; copying this with an umbrella led to a broken ankle- an early understanding of both gravity and  the effects of war…

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