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In these pages, we have grouped the subjects talked about by the “Voices” to make it easier to learn about any particular aspect of Hickling life.

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Interactive Map

The map shows many of the places in the village mentioned by the “Voices” and brings together their relevant memories.

Perceptions of the village

Published in Hickling Herald 

Sailing and Boating

Schooldays,  Further  and Higher Education

Shops and Pubs

Please note:  the topic headings we have used here are fairly “broad brush” by their very nature.  

Many of the memories could fit equally well in more than one (or indeed several) topics, and while a few of them 

do appear in more than one place, most are only in the section that fits them most logically.  For example, “Farming” and “Broad and Marsh” overlap with each other and with quite a few other topics, 

e.g. Summertime, Wintertime, Workdays and even Sports and Pastimes.

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