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Two Hickling Women - Ann Louise Kinmonth

We thought readers might enjoy these two pictures of women well known to the long-time residents of Hickling who make up the ‘Voices of Hickling’. 

Due to Covid, the “Voices” group has missed their regular get-togethers with tea, cake and sausage rolls (thanks Teri!) at the Methodist Hall this year, so we sent round a card showing these photographs, to stay in touch and wish everyone well.

Miss* Ruth Vincent (top picture) taught many of the Voices, including Gwen Bullock. 

Mrs Frances Fox (lower picture) kept the general shop at the top of the village. You can hear more about her (and her tortoise) by clicking on her shop on the interactive map in the shops section of our website.

The Voices of Hickling Project as a whole continues despite restrictions. We now have 31 voices on record, telling the world about growing up and living in Hickling in the war and postwar periods of the 20th century. We continue to develop the website and full transcripts of our interviews can now be read by clicking on the button on the personal pages. 

*Miss Vincent was the wife of Jim Vincent, famous head keeper for Whiteslea Lodge owner Lord Desborough, not his daughter as the title ‘Miss’ might have suggested. Thanks to David Nudd and others for pointing this out.

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