Voices of Hickling:  Turner’s Shop, later Clifton’s Stores

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Postcard from family collection

Photo by George Newman. 1990

Photo by Martin Johns

Originally Turner’s Stores, owned by James Turner (seen here in the doorway of the shop) and then by Ernest, one of his sons.  Later owned by Mrs Burdett (Our “Voice” Megan Butcher’s mother-in-law), then by Eric Wash, then by Mr Chamberlain.

In 1973, our “Voice” Harry Nudd’s wife Hazel’s parents bought the shop and it became the eponymous  Clifton Stores.  Hazel’s father died in 1993 and her mother sold it to Teresa Brine in 1994.  

The shop closed in 1995 and is now Clifton Cottage (left)

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