Photo by Ann Louise Kinmonth

Megan Butcher has lived in Hickling all her life except for a short time away in Dereham. 

Listen to her account of a wonderful early childhood in Mill cottages during the war- with washing on Mondays, ironing on Tuesdays, baking and the tin bath in front of the fire on Fridays and three generations of family to love her!   Megan`s father however was not there - he was away at war,  and it took some time for four-year-old Megan to get to know her “second Daddy”. 

Megan remembers the search light on the playing field and putting her doll to bed in the baby gas mask provided for herself, long after the war was over;  she remembers after the men came home how the conversation in the evenings was so often about the business of war -  it shed a shadow forward - but not enough to diminish Megan’s spirits. 

You can follow her through her schooldays running free round the village with her friends, preparing for Christmas and Jack Valentines, and enjoying the footpaths and woods. 

She remembers the sea flood of 1953 and names many of the voices with whom she grew up including Doddo who is a relative, and David Lambert.

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