Norman Belson (1930-2021)

A happy soul, Norman’s early life was spent at East Ruston:  among other things, by the time he was about 15, he would ride the farm horses to the blacksmith when they needed re-shoeing.

Life was basic at East Ruston and there was no electricity or running water.

He moved Hickling at the time of his marriage to Marlene, and remembers cycling from Waxham every night after work to redecorate a cottage near the Greyhound where they ultimately came to live.

His first job was on a farm where learned to milk cows and cut up firewood.  Eventually he got fed up with cleaning out cowsheds and went to work on the marsh, cutting reed and sedge, and in the summer taking groups of birdwatchers out.

For the last 27 years he has looked after Whiteslea Lodge, a job he enjoys to this day.  He tells lovely stories of some of the parties who came to the Lodge (including Prince Charles) and about a big wedding that was held there.