Photo by  Brenda Ward

Pauline Brooks was born 1941 in Hickling, her family moved to new council houses near the centre of the village in 1949.

Some of her early memories of this time are helping her father on the allotment, where they grew vegetables and kept rabbits, calves, and chickens Excess produce was sold at Stalham Sale.   This popular local sale continued until 1991.

Pauline describes the local custom of ‘undercover’ visits by Jack Valentine to the village children on 14th February each year, and that special excitement.

A favourite with village children was gathering at the Dipping Place on Hickling Broad, to swim in the warm summer months.  Another of her special memories is of Country Dancing, and when her school entered the County School Competition. 

She attended the Sunday School at the Methodist Hall, where also on Tuesday evening for the price of a shilling, villagers were able to watch a film show.

Having lived most of her life in Hickling, and where she raised her own family, Pauline has many memories of evolving village life.