Voices of Hickling

About the data on this website

Just about everything on this website is freely available for students to use for educational purposes:   all we ask is for a credit in your work.  The exceptions to this are photographs that come from other collections (e.g. the Ludham Community Archive). These are clearly marked whenever they appear. Permission to use these must be sought from their owners.

All the master audio material will ultimately be lodged with the Norfolk County Records Service,  where it will be available for study.

If you wish to use or publish any of the pictures in any other context,  please email us.

Please remember that all the audio clips on the website and the transcripts  of the conversations are directly taken from recordings of the memories of the “Voices” themselves.  Some of them are memories (albeit vividly and keenly told) of a very long time ago, and we are unable to guarantee their total historical accuracy.

So far as the downloadable transcripts are concerned, whilst we have taken every care to get them as accurate as possible, there are still gaps where some of the “Voices” words are not clear, largely because of “glitches” in the recordings.  

These gaps are marked with a row of dashes (--------) and/or a bracketed question mark (?).  Despite difficulties of interpretation, quite a number of these gaps still appear in the audio clips on the website where we believe they don’t compromise the sense of the story that is being told.  

Please email us  if you can help.

Using the Data

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