Voices of Hickling

Recent additions and updates

1/8/18        5 new memories added to Norman Belson’s pages

31/7/18        Feedback page added

18/7/18        One extended memory and 5 new memories for Norman Belson (also added to relevant topic pages)

13/7/18        New Voice (Ralph Lamb) added with his first two memories

11/7/18        Molly Greenacre memory duplicated to “Transport”    

7/7/18        More Links added

1/7/18        Various Links  added, and 3 more of Bernard’s memories

29/6/18        2 new memories from Bernard Ellis

27/6/18        Website hit counter installed on Home Page

25/6/18        2 new memories from Brian Phillips (Baths at Crown Cottage and Sailing, skating and canoes) (and in topics pages)

19/6/18        3 new memories and two audio clips extended (Huggie Gibbs) and photo of chapel added here (Doddo) and Sunday School

18/6/18        Extended sound clips Huggie Gibbs (The games seasons and Various jobs)

17/6/18        Home page and one early memory added for new Voice, Molly Greenacre 

12/6/18         3 new memories added for Doddo Sheppard (also in topics pages)

10/6/18       Page added here in Day to Day topic section. (Duplicate of page in Doddo’s personal section here )

9/6/16          Some more website links added to Links page.  PDF transcript added for David Lambert

8/6/16          School photo added here and here

5/6/18          8 further memories from David Lambert added;  also added to appropriate topic pages

4/6/18          14  memories from David Lambert added to appropriate topics pages

30/5/18        Photo added here of self-propelled Combine Harvester, almost certainly a Massey 780 Special.

Recent updates and additions

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