Voices of Hickling

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27/5/18    9 new memories from David Lambert added 

23/5/18    Minor edits to 4 PDF transcripts; 4 new memories and one expanded one from David Lambert added

18/5/18   New photo of Roland Green’s studio bungalow here

16/5/18    Photo added here of self propelled Combine Harvester, almost certainly a Massey 780 Special.

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2/5/18      Photo added here and here (potato spraying)

2/5/18      Photos added Stubb Mill

2/5/18      Photos added - George Newman

2/5/18      Photo added of Eastfield Farm - Harry Nudd and Farming

1/5/18      Broken links fixed in “Fires in Hickling” section

30/4/18    Photo of village fire engine added here and here

30/4/18    Photo replaced with correct image here and here

30/4/18    Photo of Mervyn Gibbs added here and here    

27/4/18    Photo of Waldo Beales’ Boatyard added here and here

27/4/18    Photos of David Lambert’s parents added here and here

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