Photo by Ann Louise Kinmonth

Photo by  Ann Louise Kinmonth

Colin Shingles (1928-2020) 

Colin was born in Hickling before the war. 

He didn’t like school;   he preferred breaking in colts.   Leaving school at 14,  he worked with the village blacksmith and remembers the thrill of attaching a red-hot iron rim to a cart wheel as it cooled on and gripped the wood. 

But the Blacksmith got him up too early and he was soon working at surrounding farms – until at the age of 29 he won the contract for Hickling`s Council Farm – Hook Farm down by Stubb.   

He still farms the land with his wife Ann - although he has had to let his beloved cattle go. 

Listen to his memories of shooting on the Marshes, and skating all the way from Hickling to Potter Heigham in the winter of 1939  -  and to something darker too.

Photo from family collection

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