Voices of Hickling

Photo Credits

The many photographs in this website have come from a wide variety of sources.

Many have been given to us by the “Voices” themselves or by their families;  these are broadly acknowledged as being “photo from family collection”.   We have used these fairly liberally throughout the site both on the “Voices” own pages and on the pages of others where they have talked about the same things, but all with the same generic credit recognising the generosity of the “Voices” and their families in letting us loose with their treasured family albums.

This very generosity has led to some difficulty sometimes for us:  clearly some of these pictures are clippings from old newspapers and magazines, which we have been unable to track down to seek copyright release despite all our best efforts.  If anyone recognises any of these old photos and can point us in the direction of the copyright owner (if indeed the pictures are still in copyright),  please email the Webmaster.

We have also used a number of old postcards, also from the “Voices” family collections, most if not all of these from manufacturers no longer in existence.  To the best of our belief, all of these are more than 70 years old and are copyright free at this stage.  As above, if you know better, please get in touch. Pictures of and relating to the Pleasure Boat Inn have been kindly given by the Landlord from his collection.

Archant (owners of the Eastern Daily Press) have very generously given us free access to their picture library, and their pictures will be found sprinkled through the website illustrating points that the “Voices’” own pictures do not cover.


We are delighted to acknowledge the kindness of the Ludham Community Archive Group, who have generously allowed us to use some of the photographs in their collection.  

We also acknowledge the contribution of the U3A Hickling Broad “BLURR” Camera Group for their contributions, and in particular Brenda Ward, Andy Fletcher, Duncan Morris and Martin Johns.

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