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Photo from family collection

Hickling has suffered a number of fires down the years:  here we have memories of two of the bigger ones that occurred during our Voices’ lifetimes - the Town Street fire in 1931 and the Hickling Hall fire in 2014.


Before that there were at least one fire at the Hall in 1845.                                                                                     


At one stage the village had an active fire brigade, with its own engine (above).  The volunteer firemen were on duty every other night.   While they were primarily there for Hickling, they also went further afield (even as far as Norwich) to help with bigger fires.


If you are interested in learning more about fires and firefighting in the past, the tiny but splendid Firehouse Museum in Stalham (on the High Street near the church) has a great deal of information.  Their website can be found here.

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