John Findlay

What is the long serving publican of the Fishermans Return at Winterton doing among the voices of Hickling?

John was brought up at High Hill Cottages for the first 15 years of his life and you can hear his love affair with the place in his voice.   Cared for by mother and grandparents and running free in fields, woods and on the Broad with two dear friends, his stories are compelling. 

Vincent’s wood was a favourite hunting ground- picking daffodils and bluebells for his mother in season, making bows and arrows and loosing them over the highest tree, and finding that he could run on the rugby field. 

We hear him speak of his mother’s war work as assistant to Churchill, and how his prowess at games both got him on and out of the forces. We hear, too, of his father killed in Normandy before John could know him.

An amazing cross generation story all beginning at Hickling.

Page created 2/2/20