Voices of Hickling

Memories preserved

Our  website is growing all the time.

What is here at present  is very much “where we have got to” in what will ultimately be a very large project 

that should be completed by the end of 2020 or early 2021,  by which time we hope there will be 36 “Voices” with,

between them, many hundreds of memories for you to listen to:  a real history of the middle part of the last century.

You will find a large number of audio clips about life in Hickling , some of which are illustrated with photos etc, 

but many of which are still waiting for pictures to be found.

A few things don’t work fully yet  (for example,  the “Transcript “ buttons on quite a few of the  “Voices’” home pages) 

and there is very little information yet on some of the map pages.  

As material is added,  it will also be noted on the “Recent updates and additions”  page.

If you know of - or have any - pictures that might help us illustrate any of the memories,  please let us know (email).

In the fullness of time, all the master audio recordings will be deposited with the Norfolk Sound Archive 

and be available for study.

Page updated  20/1/20