HICKLING in the 1920s:

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Fred “Toddy” Lambert

Fred - or as he was better known “Toddy” Lambert was 

our sexton/verger/parish clerk/postman/cobbler and 

general newsmonger.  He had a little brick-built shop 

in the centre of the village, and it had at one time been 

the outhouse or “beckhus”  to a cottage, but the cottage 

had been pulled down.

Our Toddy was a busy little man.  He had a large family 

of 10 children.  He had a very hard working wife who 

turned each of her children out as neat as new pins.

Two other families equalled Toddy’s for size, but that is 

another story.

Toddy’s day started when Mr Easter the postman brought 

the mail in from Stalham on his bicycle.

Fred Lamberts children photographed in the 1990s

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