HICKLING in the 1920s:

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Tubby Turner and The Pleasure Boat Inn

Hickling had three pubs, the most popular being the Pleasure Boat Inn which stands at the very edge of the Broad.


Its landlord at this time was “Tubby” Turner.  Much to his wife’s disgust, “Tubby” drank a large percentage of the profits.  He was a tall fat man with a very hairy bulbous nose.  He always took his little cart to Stalham Sale on Tuesdays and - fortunately for “Tubby”, his little pony knew its own way home.  Somebody would help ‘Tubby” into his cart, plant his trilby hat on his head and he would get home  hanging onto the side rail;  fortunately there were very few cars about then.

Note:  James Turner was landlord of the Pleasure Boat Inn from 1916-1922

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