HICKLING in the 1920s:

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Hickling Overview - Village Life and Mr and Mrs Edgell:

This long straggling village - dominated at one end by its high-towered church of St Mary’s and at the other extreme by its two working windmills - was very much alive in the 1920s.

Its men folk were either farm workers, North Sea fishermen or marshmen.

One hundred and twenty-six children attended its Church Day School.  

The Reverend Crosse retired from the living and the Reverend Hitchcock took over.  He it was who started the first Hickling Boy Scout Troop with about 30 boys.  We used the old stable and loft at the Vicarage as Troop Headquarters. 

The thatched Church Hall near the Day School 

was used by the church as a Sunday School.  

It was the meeting place for the Mothers’ 

Union, Social Evenings,  Dances, Whist Drives, 

Parties, Girl Guides and Concerts.

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