HICKLING in the 1920s:

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Jno Martin’s Shop

The smartest shop by far was  Jno Martin’s.  Another family affair.  Jno ruled with a rod of iron or a tongue that was equally effective.  He was a good business man and ran the grocery end while his wife and daughter ran the drapery end.  His wife sometimes helped at the bacon and cheese end by using the  slicer and she always ended up by quickly licking all the fingers of her left hand after she had operated the machine.

This shop always had a beautifully 

neat window display, but 

at Christmas time the drapery end 

was to us children a fairyland.  

The whole window was set out 

with everything children liked 

and eager faces would be pressed 

to the window each day in December 

after school, the better off would 

be saying  “Well, I’m having that 

in my stocking” and the poorer ones 

(who were in the majority) would say 

‘Well, I would like…”

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